Some Types of Common Printers and Their Benefits – Printers have become helpful devices. As its name, it is to help the process of printing documents and other files. Nowadays, you can find many kinds of printer. Each type has different benefits that can be provided. Of course, you will be able to see many products and models of printers. When you need reference regarding types of printers, you can check the details below.

First type is inkjet printer. This can be considered as the current standard of printer. Technology of the inkjet printer is not the latest but it keeps getting improvements so the latest version of inkjet printers have better performance and quality compared to the older ones. It is said as the standard printer because inkjet printer is enough to give good printing speed and details in printing are great. Then, the price of inkjet printers is considered lower than other types of printer. Even, now most of the inkjet printers come with replaceable or refillable ink tanks. You no longer need to depend on cartridge that should be replaced when the ink runs out. You can refill the ink tank so it is more economical. When you choose inkjet printers, it means that you cannot expect rapid printing speed. It is fast enough but it will not be faster than the laser printing. Then, you can also use the inkjet printers to print documents and even photos. However, you need to get the high-quality of inkjet printer when you demand better quality of photo printing because the common inkjet printers only provide ordinary results and you will not be satisfied with it.

Some Types of Common Printers and Their Benefits

Next, it is the laser printer. In term of technology, it can be said that laser printer has newer technology compared to the inkjet printer. Commonly, it is also called as the laserjet printer. It no longer uses system of print head as the ones found in the inkjet printer. The laser printer uses laser technology to heat the toner material and it will later embed the surface to the paper to print the pattern. Mostly, cheaper laser printer only has monochrome color or black and white. When you want to get the color inks, you need to pay higher. Because it uses toner as the source of ink, it is more expensive that inkjet printer that uses the liquid inks. As for speed, laser printer generally faster than the inkjet printer. Even, its printing quality is better than the inkjet ones. Even the most affordable laser printer can be higher than the regular inkjet printer. However, the price will be compensated with its greater speed and quality in printing process. Because of its specification and specialty in speeds, laser printer is more suitable for users who demand higher printing speed it is commonly used by users who need to print many pages every day. By using the laser printer, printing duration can be shorter. Then, it has fewer risks in printing process because some problems such as the clogged nozzles will not occur in the laser printers.

There is also all-in-one printer. This is more about functions instead of its printing technology. It means that you can find the all-in-one laser and inkjet printers currently. What is interesting about the all-in-one printers is that the printer can give you more functions. Its name may still be printer, but it is not only to print documents. In general, it comes with built-in scanner so you can use the printer to scan documents. Copying and duplicating documents are also possible. Even, now the all-in-one printers with function to fax documents are also available in many brands. By having this type of printer, you will not need to worry about using separated devices anymore for those functions. All of them are found in single devices and you can use each of them easily. This is great choices for offices where the functions will be needed. Then, it is great for area with limited place for the devices. Many functions are packed in single device so it saves the space.

Then, there is supertank printer. It is similar to the all-in-one printers where it is more like a subcategory of printers. In other words, you can find both inkjet and laser printers with the supertank capacity. The main difference than the ordinary printers is its capacity or volume of ink that can be provided. It provides greater volume of ink so it will improve productivity. When you are someone who needs to print many pages of documents, this will be helpful. This saves time because you can reduce your frequency of replacing or refilling the ink. Then, it can be more affordable in term of cost to print each page of document. Moreover, supertank printer will be great for those who need durability. It is built to provide better durability and it will prevent the clogging of nozzle for the type of inkjet printer.